About Us

Diane began her on-on-one styling at Nordstrom Polo Alto in 1990 working as a personal shopper for the busy 49er wives. She outfits her clients in pieces that truly work for their lifestyle and body type, helping them to build a wardrobe season by season. The concept of shopping with a professional will saves women time and money, which is why they keep coming back. They no longer have a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear.

“So many women have said that this experience has changed the way they think about clothing. That I can help women feel sexy and confident when they walk out the door each day is incredibly satisfying.”

“I have nothing to wear” is not a phrase that Diane Trone takes lightly. The Stonington entrepreneur started her business The Blonde Hanger to address the need she saw among her female friends and colleagues who didn’t have the time, inclination, or know how to shop and put together a stylish wardrobe.

“I love helping women feel beautiful,” says Trone, who started her home-based business in 2010 as a second career. She sells a line of luxury clothing, from Etcetera, Eleonora Ferragatta, and even high end designer consignment. The collections are sold at trunk shows approximately 6 times a year. Women make an appointment for a one-on-one styling session that is a complimentary service the Blonde Hanger provides.